Summary of the Oslo XMRV-seminar, November 28th, 2010.

14 des

Kilde: ESME

Les foredragene til dr. Judy Mikovits og dr. Mette Johnsgaard.

Lecture by Dr. Judy Mikovits, Whittemore Peterson Institute

Dr. Mikovits began by acknowledging several other famous researchers and telling about her collaborations with them, including several researchers at the National Cancer Institute, the Cleveland Clinic, the SAIC and, of course, the Whittemore Peterson Institute.

Dr. Mikovits proceeded by explaining how the novel retrovirus was found in prostate cancer patients in 2006 and 2007, and named XMRV Xenotropic Murine Leukemia virus-Related Virus. She showed how the infectious clone was constructed and sequenced and found to be a novel human gammaretrovirus. Dr. Mikovits then showed how ME/CFS patients have several inflammatory sequelae including antiviral enzyme dysfunction (RNase L), decreased NK cell number and function, increase in activated T cells and increases in inflammatory cytokines/chemokines. She believes that these dysfunctions might be explained by an ongoing retroviral infection and proposed that these patients could be infected with XMRV.

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Lecturer of Dr. Mette Johnsgaard, Lillestrom Helseklinikk, Center for Treatment of Chronic Diseases:

Dr Mette Sophie Johnsgaard opened her speech by introducing Lillestrøm Helseklinikk, Center for Treatment of Chronic Diseases, where she is medical director. They see approximately 600 patients per month, most Norwegian patients, but also some Danish and Swedish patients visit the clinic, and lately patients have been contacting them also from the Continent. Today 3 physicians work at Lillestrøm, mainly with ME/CFS patients.

Dr Johnsgaard showed the audience the impressive list of her support group. Together with the two other physicians at the clinic, she has traveled extensively the last year, visiting several well known ME/CFS experts in order to learn as much as possible on diagnosis and treatment in patients with ME/CFS. This has enabled the doctors to find the best possible treatment plan for every individual patient.

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2 kommentar to “Summary of the Oslo XMRV-seminar, November 28th, 2010.”

  1. ~SerendipityCat~ 19/12/2010 kl. 21:42 #

    Skulle bare si at jeg fikk for meg at jeg måtte oversette foredragene til norsk, så nå ligger de her:


    • Martha 20/12/2010 kl. 13:54 #

      Så flott at du har oversatt Cat, jeg tenkte også at jeg skulle gjøre det, men kom aldri så langt, og nå trenger jeg jo ikke 😉

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