Revolutionary Treatment Tops ME/ CFS Poll

13 jan

Jeg var litt usikker på om jeg skulle legge ut denne, for dette skal ikke bli noen «LP-blogg», men jeg synes igrunnen artikkelen gir «balansert» informasjon om LP, i alle fall i hovedbudskapet, der ME-foreningen i Sussex og Kent oppgir tall i en undersøkelse de har gjort for hvor mange som har fått bedring i bruk av LP. Phil Parker sier selv at 85% blir friske, mens tallene som oppgis her over hvor mangs som har fått hjelp er mye mer «edruelige», og derfor kan være nyttige å vite om for de som skulle overveie å prøve LP. Prosessen virker bra elle delvis bra for mange, men det er også mange som ikke har nytte av denne treningsformen.

Hentet fra News Blaze: HER

LONDON , January 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — A revolutionary self training course has emerged top in a survey conducted by the Sussex and Kent ME/ CFS Society.

In a poll of 457 members, tracking their experiences over two years, 44 per cent of the society’s members found the Lightning Process «very helpful» and 36 per cent «reasonably helpful». Many had their lives transformed by the three-day course.

In a field where many suffer for years, these figures were well ahead of the NHS’s own ME/ CFS service – 28 per cent found the Sussex NHS treatment «very helpful», and just 21 per cent inKent.

The Lightning Process is an empowering training course which enables individuals to influence their life and health using techniques based on the way the brain and body interact.

It has been specifically developed to resolve life’s most common and debilitating conditions including CFS, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, addictions, OCD and ME. Celebrities including Esther Rantzen and Austin Healey have turned to the programme for relatives or themselves.

Clients explore the science behind how beliefs and behaviour patterns can affect lives and health, and discover how to turn these into a complete strategy for success.

Osteopath and renowned personal development expert Phil Parker designed The Lightning Process at hisLondon clinic. It builds on the concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Osteopathy, and Life Coaching.

Last year, 90 practitioners across 13 countries trained more than 2,000 people. The recoveries included some walking for the first time in years; others returning to work after years of illness; and many travelling the world, and achieving their dreams.

The success of the Lightning Process programme is increasingly recognised by a range of authorities.

Phil Parker, creator of the Lightning Process said: «The research confirms the remarkable life changes we see day in, and day out – all possible in just three days.

«We survey our own clients rigorously, and 81 per cent say they have seen real benefits.»

Cathy Fry saw a huge change – she had ME for 20 years, and lost her job when it took over her life 10 years ago. A chronic fatigue clinic diagnosed her «capability level» at just 40 per cent. The clinic recommended the Lightning Process and Cathy has never looked back.

Now, with a capability level of 100 per cent, she is a breastfeeding counsellor for the National Childcare Trust and an administrator for Yoga for ME in Hove.

She said: «I couldn’t believe how much I improved in such a short period of time – now I work up to 30 hours a week, and find it very rewarding.»


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