The Human Cost

13 jan

Dette innlegget er hentet fra en veldig bra blogg, som jeg gjerne vil anbefale: CFIDS Watch

Millions of people suffer from the ghastly disease known as «Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.» Some can still function, with limitations, but for others life has been reduced to a dreary, pain-filled hell unimaginable to those who are not touched by the disease.

One woman has to be taken to the bathroom in a wheelchair. Another, having developed a brutal sensitivity to light, must navigate her home by touch, lights out, windows sealed against the faintest ray from the sun. Yet another spent the best part of a year living on her bathroom floor, unable to crawl back to her bed.

While the government agencies who are supposed to be helping these people continue to dance away from their responsibilities, thousands live with equally devastating horrors. Some are homebound, others bedbound; some are unable to read, others unable to speak; many require round the clock care. Yet these people – isolated, in agony, lives in ruins – still cling to hope.

For the most part, because they are too ill to participate in life in any meaningful way, these people are invisible.

Here are some of their stories.

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